"Designed of Love. Music that comes from the heart to enter the hearts."

-Carmen Tarcha

JB Music is a new kind of music company located in Oslo, Norway. As a new music company, we know that songwriters and artists don’t work for us – we work for them. It’s knowledge as clear as our commitment; to make JB Music the best international music company – collaborating with songwriters and artists worldwide to make the very most of their songs and recordings in the digital age. 

Our services include artist management, music production, mixing, songwriting, and recording. 

At JB Music, it’s not what we do that makes us unique, it’s how we do it. We combine powerful music with strategic SEO marketing to reach millions for a truly epic experience – one that gets you attention and results. We achieve that by making our team, your team. From day one we work closely with you to understand, imagine, and develop your vision. And because we’re a tight, efficient group, you always have direct access to us and confidence that we can nimbly and affordably execute your idea.